About Raton MainStreet

Our Mission

We are committed members of the community dedicated to improving the quality of life in Raton by revitalizing our downtown area. We want to foster business prosperity and offer new economic opportunities. We seek to have a community where all generations can have a sense of pride in Raton and all cultures feel respect for their heritage.

Our Goals

  1. Promote economic sustainability for new and existing businesses through development of catalyst projects in the downtown Master Plan that support Raton’s growth and downtown revitalization.
  2. Enhance Raton’s natural culture and historic riches by developing a vibrant downtown community that engages multi-generational citizens by creating a unique sense of place
  3. Ensure that Raton MainStreet, Inc. is a visible, well-run, well-resourced organization that has credibility in the community.

Our Vision of Raton

Raton is “small town America” at its finest. It is a comfortable place to live where residents and visitors can escape the “hustle and bustle” of more hectic lifestyles, to be greeted by heartfelt smiles and friendly hellos while strolling downtown, a place where neighbors truly care for each other and offer hospitality to visitors without hesitation. Raton has a deep sense of shared values and community pride, a keen appreciation of its historical and cultural heritage, and also provides the best of modern conveniences. Life in Raton makes you want to be part of this thriving community where businesses prosper and economic opportunities abound.